Hosta Names L

Lady in Red 

12" high 20" wide


Wavy, shiny dark green leaves with white backs, bright red petioles reaches into the leaf and extends a fair distance out into the veins, topped with lavender flowers.

Lakeside Banana Bay

10" high 20" wide

$22.00 A real stand out! A very pretty hosta with bright yellow leaves framed by a wide apple-green border that creates a feather pattern with lavender flowers mid-summer.

Lakeside Beach Bum -O/S

18" high 24" wide

$20.00- O/S

Blue green leaves are heavily corrugated, deeply cupped and thick substance with near white flowers in July.

Lakeside Black Mama- OS

15" high 30" wide

$20.00- O/S This is the wonderful plant that has been used in the development of many of the dark Lakeside varieties. It is vigorous and produces a lot of large seeds. On an average it has produced seedlings that are about 90% very dark.

Lakeside Butterball

14" high 48" wide


Corrugated, wavy, intense gold leaves of good substance. A large plant that grows low. The brilliant colour intensifies as the summer progresses with white flowers in June.

Lakeside Cranberry Relish

14" high 12 " wide


Elliptic shaped leaves are a medium green with a creamy white margin with purple-red petioles. Purple flowers on 20" scapes midsummer.

Lakeside Down Sized

5" high 16" wide


Pointed, chartreuse-gold leaves are edged with a narrow, creamy-white, rippled margin. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers in August.

Lakeside Dragonfly

14" high 30" wide

Leaves are lance shaped, blue green with a wide irregular margin that changes from yellow to creamy white. Average substance with pale lavender flowers late July on 36" scapes.

Lakeside Feather Light O/S

13" high 27" wide

$20.00- O/S

Leaves have a lightly ruffled with a wide cream border that resembles writing quills, with a green center. Lavender flowers in July on 24" scapes.

Lakeside Fruitloops - O/S

4" high 12" wide


Limited Inventory

Leave are 4 ¼” long by 2” wide with the center creamy yellow to white, and a dark green ½” wide margin. Slight cupping of the leaves, average substance with lavender flowers on 14” scapes mid July.

Lakeside Kaleidoscope

16" high 40" wide

Wide, irregular, creamy-white margin often producing gray-green streaks into the blue green center. Slightly rippled margin with near white flowers from late July. Fast growth rate!

Lakeside Knickknack

8" high 25" wide


Limited Inventory

Streaked golden lime leaves edged in bright green, streaks are various shades of cream, yellow and green, with pale purple flowers on 27" scapes.

Lakeside Little Tuft -O/S

7" high 20" wide

Long narrow creamy yellow leaves with a dark green margin and pale purple flowers in July on 15" scapes.

Lakeside Love Affair

17" high 40" wide

White centered leaf with a wide dark green margin, slightly wavy and smooth textured. Funnel shaped lavender flowers on 24" scapes late July.

Lakeside Meter Maid

18" high 36" wide

$20.00 Beautiful heart-shaped leaves have a wide dark green border and a striking creamy-white center. Where there is overlap a third color of bright green is visible. Center of the leaf will be white in summer, with light lavender flowers.

Lakeside Missy Little

6" high 13" wide


Leaves are dark centered with an irregular creamy yellow to white margin and pale purple flowers in August on 14" scapes.

Lakeside Mom

15" high 40" wide


Limited Inventory

Leaves are 5 ½” long by 3 ½” wide, gold with creamy yellow to white streaks with mottled areas, average substance with lavender flowers in July on 24” scapes.

Lakeside Old Smokey

18" high 45" wide


Leaves are 11” long by 8” wide, smokey deep blue-green in colour with lavender flowers in August on 30” scapes.

Lakeside Paisley Print

10" high 30" wide


Heart shaped leaves with a very wide wavy green margins. The narrow creamy white markings in the center of the leaves shoot out from the cream coloured petioles in a feathery pattern.

Lakeside Party Dress

16" high 42" wide


This unique hosta makes a flat clump with long outstretched leaves, resembling a party dress! The heavily rippled, chartreuse-green leaves are surrounded by a border of white with lavender flowers. Fantastic in a planter!

Lakeside Pillow Talk - O/S

19" high by ?? wide


Very shinyy leaves that cup downward, bell shaped deep purple flowers in June on 34" scapes.

Lakeside Prophecy

12" high 36" wide


Moderately corrugated dark green leaves with a frilled and rippled edge. Leaves are thick substance, pale purple flowers in July on 25" scapes.

Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled

16" high 42" wide


Gorgeous green pebbled leaves with an irregular white margin. A white edge sport of 'Lakeside Prophecy'

Lakeside Ragtime-O/S

7" high 15" wide


Leaves are very wavy, green with a yellow margin which turns white early in the season. Average substance with lavender flowers on 22" scapes late July.

Lakeside Scamp

6" high by 12" wide



Aqua blue leaves less than the size of quarters are edged in a creamy yellow, great substance, colour, size and form make this vigorous little hosta a jewel.

Lakeside Storm Watch

7" high 18" wide

Very wavy, shiny dark green long leaves. Leaves measure 2" wide and 5" long with purple flowers late July on 18" scapes.

Lakeside Zinger

6" high 17" wide



Dark green wavy leaves with a white margin and purple flowers on 17" scapes in July.

Leapin Lizzard

12" high 30" wide


Green leaves are highly ruffled, folded, and heavily puckered. Every leaf is a little different resulting in a wild and crazy hosta.

Lemon Chiffon- O/S

19" high 44" wide


Slightly wavy, chartreuse foliage early in the season which then turns to a bright gold, moderately corrugated with good substance. Near white flowers mid June.

Lemon Frost

10" high 24" wide


Foliage has a chartreuse center with a pure white margin, purple flowers in July on 10-24" scapes, fast growth rate.

Lemon Meringue

26" high 50" wide

Bright, large and rounded chartreuse leaves turning a powdery yellow with white backs during the growing season, slightly corrugated and lightly rippled with good substance. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Lemon Snap


New for 2018

$60.00 Incredibly stout and sturdy yellow with rounded, cupped, and lightly puckered leaves that are held on upright, with deep red petioles. The red creeps up the center vein on most leaves. In mid-summer a very dark purple scape emerges with pretty striped flowers in a tight mass

Let's Twist Again 

12" high 20" wide

New for 2018

Sport of the old classic 'Patriot' green leaves trimmed by a wide white margin. Those white margins look like a wild roller coaster full of large waves. The leaf edges are lined with such large, unruly waves that the leaves often end up twisted. A good grower that will make a lively and distinct mound!


24" high 36" wide


Hosta of the year 2012

Extraordinarily thick, blue-green leaves in the center with a very wide margin that changes from yellow to creamy white, moderately rippled, thick substance with pale lavender flowers in July.

Lime Ripple

22" high 36" wide


Elongated leaves end in a sharp, twisted point that gently curls under, giving the plant a fountain-like form. Each leaf is deeply veined, strongly rippled and serrated along the margins, and develops a moderate amount of puckering through the leaf surface. The foliage colour varies with amount of light.

Lime Smoothie

20" high 50" wide

Very unique colouration! Leaves have waxy green centers surrounded by a broad lime green border that becomes cream coloured in summer. Good substance, pale lavender flowers in June on 25" scapes.


14" high 30" wide


Limited Inventory

Thick leaves are 8” long by 6”½” wide, blue-green margin with a pure white center. Vivid contrast between blue-green margin and white center, thick substance with near-white flowers from late June.

Little Aurora

14" high 30" wide

$15.00 A fast grower with very bright golden leaves that are puckered, heart shaped , cupped with a metallic sheen. Soft-lavender flowers from late June into early July.

Little Black Scape

10" high 24" wide


Foliage changes from light green to chartreuse, narrowly ovate shaped, slightly wavy and lightly corrugated. Pale purple flowers in July on blackish purple 18" scapes.
Little Buddy-NR


Limited Inventory

A Hosta Fever streaking seedling which has been named as a reminder of our son’s nickname when he was a little boy. This has been stable since 2011

Little Caesar

11" high 21" wide


Wavy, twisted, white centered, green margined leaves. By midsummer the leaf turns light green or misted green and white, average substance with purple flowers in July on 16-24 " scapes.

Little Maddie

6" high 10" wide


Emerges light green with misting and some streaking, as the season progresses it changes to a dark green and the misting is still apparent. Leaves have a nice sheen and will do well in morning sun.

Little Stiffy

6" high 10" wide

Narrow, shiny golden leaves that are held rigidly in all directions, they are wavy on their edges giving them an unusual appearance with lavender flowers.

Little Sunspot

15" high 35" wide

Features a dramatic, wide green margin and a brilliant gold center, slug resistance with pale lavender late June.

Little Treasure

6" high 11" wide

Very wide blue-green border that gives the plant a totally different look. Great substance with lavender flowers mid summer are held on pale scapes that compliment the clump.
Lizard Lick

12" high by 18" wide


Narrow long rippled green leaves of good substance. It forms a dense spiky round mound of excitement! Great growth rate with lavender flowers July and August.

London Fog

12" high 30" wide


Leaves are white with green speckling; slightly wavy with pale lavender flowers on 10-20" scapes in July.

Love Song

24" high 50" wide


Wavy, green leaves can reach 6" across and 14" long and have dusty white backs that are flaunted here and there along the intensely ruffled margins.This is sure to capture you heart!

Lovely To Behold- O/S



Irregular streaking, heavy on substance, and corrugated leaves, make it unique indeed. Rather low growing with a nicely spreading pattern. Pale lavender flowers begin to flourish in the middle of June.


12" high 27" wide

Pure white leaves grow somewhat upright and twisted and are framed by an irregular light green to dark green margins. Slightly wavy with good substance, lavender flowers in July.
Lucky Mouse

6" high 12" wide

Thick blue-green leaves with a wide creamy-yellow border that turns creamy-white by mid-summer, great substance with lavender flowers!

Luna Moth

14" high 36" wide


Thick, heart shaped medium green leaves are highlighted with a narrow, but prominent, dark green central blotch. Margins changing to yellow as the summer progresses. A symmetrical grower!

Lunar Orbit

15" high 38" wide

Gold centered leaves with dark green margins, excellent substance with pale lavender flowers in July on 27" scapes.