Hosta Names P - R

Paleface- O/S

10" high 24" wide


Pure white leaves surrounded by green margins with pale lavender flowers mid summer.
Pandoras Box

6" high 19" wide

Pure white center, wide dark green margin with lighter green next to the white center. Purple flowers on whitish scapes 12-19'' in July, medium growth rate.


22" high 48" wide


Hosta of the year 2007

Gold center leaves with a dark green margin, good substance, heavily corrugated and wavy. Near white flowers late June on 25-41" scapes.

Paradise Beach

12" high 30" wide


Narrow yellow leaves with a wavy green margin, pure white flowers in August on 24" scapes.
Paradise Island

12" high 24" wide

Emerges in the spring with a brilliant yellow center and a narrow dark green margin, red petiole bleed into the base of the leaf. Later center changes to chartreuse, but the dark margin remains, lavender flowers in August.

Paradise Power

28" high 70" wide

Leaves are oval, wavy and elongated, chartreuse turning bright yellow in the center with a streaky medium green margin. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Paradise Tritone



With green margins leaves emerge bright chartreuse and change to a bright yellow creating a clump that glows. There is also a cream colour present making the leaf interior tri-tone.

32" high 60" wide


Huge, heart-shaped leaves with a white margin are somewhat corrugated and slightly cupped upon maturity. A fast grower with heavy substance leaves, fertile lavender flowers mid-summer.


23" high 50" wide


Hosta of the year 1997

Wide, irregular creamy yellow margin turning white by early summer is striking and crisp, with dark green centers. Good substance with medium lavender flowers on 30" scapes late July.

Paul Revere

16" high 30" wide


Dark green margins surround a wide creamy white center. Outstanding colour, good substance, pale lavender flowers in July on 18-24" scapes that are white with green speckling.

Pauls Glory

25" high 55" wide


Hosta of the year 1999

Leaf center starts the season a brilliant chartreuse, turning bright gold to creamy white by midsummer. Wide, irregular, blue -green margin changing to dark green by midsummer, pale lavender flowers mid July.

Peace Pipe-O/S

8" high ?? wide


Cupped pointed streaking foliage with a white center and a dark green margin, pale purple flowers late July on 18" high scapes.

Peach Salsa

12" high 20" wide


This bright yellow hosta has puckered leaves that are almost translucent, it glows! It is also a showoff with its bright red, not purple, petioles and scapes. This one will brighten up any garden path.

Pee Dee Gold Flash

12" high 28" wide


The narrow golden leaves are surrounded by a contrasting dark green border. When the flowers emerge in early summer, the base of the petioles is a lovely red violet, leading to the purple flowers late July.

Peppermint Ice

16" high 39" high


Leaves have a well-defined creamy-yellow center and contrasting wide dark-green border. Center changes to white during the growing season, bright purple flowers on creamy yellow scapes late July.


10" high 30" wide


Very thick heavily corrugated roundish leaves with lots of substance. Unique, intensely waxy blue leaves whose colour holds late into the season. Light lavender flowers on 18" scapes late in the summer.

Pineapple Punch

15" high 22" wide


Leaves emerge dark green in the center with a heavily rippled light green margin that turns to a showy gold colour later in the spring. Margin changes to a creamy white, leaves are extremely rippled with lavender flowers.
Pineapple Ripple

12" high 24" wide


Green centered with a creamy white margin, features fragrant yellowish white flowers late summer.  Sport of H. 'Pineapple Juice'

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

18" high 50" wide


Narrow, rippled foliage that emerges pure green in the spring then the center turns to bright gold with a rippled green margin. Lavender flowers on 36" scapes in August.


18" high 36" wide


This is an elegant sport of 'Kiwi Full Monty', creamy-white leaves with a powdery blue-green margin and lavender flowers mid-summer. As with the entire family, the good growth rate, contrasting colours, and season long durability make this a great addition.


22" high 48" wide


Leaf centers are a misted combination of several colours of green surrounded by a variable border of green and blue-green. Best placed in a bright, but shady location, great growth rate with white flowers in midsummer.

Plum Pudding

16" high 24" wide


Deep green leaves have a nice sheen to them and gently rippled, rolled under edges. Good substance, sets atop strong, deep purple petioles. Forms an upright clump that shows off the dark petioles, purple saturated scapes hold fertile, light lavender flowers.
Pocketful of Sunshine

12" high 24" wide


Thick, rounded leaves that are strongly puckered and deeply cupped. The pockets of golden sunshine are rimmed by deep green margins that are wider than its parent ( Rainforest Sunshine) with lavender flower.
Potamac Glory

24" high 50" wide


Green margins with chartreuse centers, thick substance and moderately corrugated. Purple flowers in July on 36" scapes.
Potomac Pride Splashed

24" high 30" wide

Not available

for 2018

Large mound of very shiny, downwardly cupped very dark green foliage, with white streaks. Limited info on this one!

Powder Blue

29" high 64" wide

$15.00 Rich powder blue foliage which is heavily corrugated and thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers late June on 33" scapes.
Prairie Moon

16" high 31" wide


Glowing yellow foliage that keeps its colour all season long! Leaves emerge wedge shaped, bright yellow with lightly wavy margins. White backs and petioles are flecked with red spots at the base, chartreuse scapes.

Prairie's Edge

18" high 30" wide

$20.00 Bright gold foliage, framed by a deep green, wavy margin up to 2" wide. The elongated leaves have great substance and become quite wavy and twisted, with moderate dimpling at maturity. Forms a fairly upright clump,a little sun and the brilliant color will burn all season long!

Praying Hands

14" high 16" wide


Hosta of the year 2011

Unusual folded (cupped lengthwise) dark green crinkled leaves, with a narrow cream border. Looks like many hands folded in prayer. Lavender flowers on 30" scapes from late July into August. UNUSUAL!

Prestige and Promise

16" high 20" wide


Heavy, golden leaves are bordered by a wide, dark green margin, good substance and becomes lightly puckered with age. Grows slowly with near white flowers in June.

Proud Sentry

16" high 24" wide


Erect, fountain shaped clump with elongated medium green leaves with a yellow margin. Heavy substance, each leaf is held up and out to reveal red slacks, pale purple flower in July.


13" high 24" wide

Leaves chartreuse in the center with a blue green margin, the center is brightest in spring changing to light green by midsummer. Thick substance with pale bluish lavender flowers late July.

Pure Heart

4" high 10" wide


Round bright yellow leaves that later fade to pale yellow with blue green margins. Great substance keeps this little plant looking perfect all season. Purple flowers in dense clusters in early July.

Purple Boots

11" high 22" wide

Reddish-purple petioles with medium green leaves and pale lavender flowers on an eye-catching dark purple flower scape.

Purple Haze

18" high 40" wide


This unique hosta has blue leaves with purple petioles, with the colour continuing into the veins and with a haze of purple infusing on to the leaf surface, colour is most pronounced in spring with lavender flowers midsummer.

Queen of the Seas

24" high 48 " wide


This incredible hosta has lightly twisted, pointed, powder blue leaves which are heavily rippled and pie crusted. Near white flowers in July on 33" scapes.

Radiant Edger

8" high 20" wide


Heart-shaped foliage with a dark green center, and a variable gold margin. Lavender flowers on 18 - 24" scapes June.

Radiant Star

7" high 21" wide

New for 2018

Heart-shaped leaves have a feathery, dark green to blue-green center with a wide chartreuse turning yellow margin; the edge becomes brighter yellow when given some sunlight and the plants are quite sun tolerant. Pale lavender flowers bloom in midsummer.

Rain Dancer

19" high 39 " wide

Greenish yellow margins with a dark green center; pale lavender flowers late June.

Rainbows End

11" high 21" wide


Very thick, leaves have a bright golden center, and a wide dark black border, the bright yellow center becomes white by summer. Slug resistant, large lavender flowers open in late summer on red flower scapes.

Rainforest Sunrise

10" high 25" wide


Hosta of the year 2013

Cupped gold center leaves with a dark margin, thick glossy leaves which are very durable throughout the season. Near white flowers in July on 18" scapes, stunning and distinctive.

Rare Breed


Not Available

for 2018

Creamy shades mixed with green and where they crossover you get a wonderful khaki army green, unusual combination on a tri-color hosta.Leaves have great substance and semi-cupped when mature, lavender flowers.


25" high 55" wide

Each chartreuse gold leaf is surrounded by a subtle green border that becomes more pronounced late in the season. Lavender flowers on 36" scapes in July. Spectacular!

Raspberry Sundae

9" high 20" wide


Stark white leaves trimmed by a moderately wide, deep green margin. Deep raspberry-red petioles carry colour right into the base of the leaf. Good substance, topped with deep red scapes of dark lavender flowers in August.


17" tall 36" wide

$25.00 Long green leaves and rippled white margins that seem to dance in the breeze. The veins of the leaf stand out nicely and the tips of the leaf curl downward. Pale lavender flowers in mid to late summer.

Red Dragon

13" high 31" wide


Nicely rippled, shiny bright green leaves held on strong upright RED petioles. Red on the petioles extends all the way up to the leaves and even the flower stalks are bright red, tall stalks bear purple flowers in August.

Red Hot Flash

12" high 21" wide

Early spring, leaves are medium green in the center with a dark green margin, later becoming greenish white in the center. Deep purple flowers on 25" scapes late July.

Regal Splendor

30" high 72" wide


Hosta of the year 2003

Early spring leaf colour is blue green in the center with a yellow margin, changing to a dark green center with a creamy white margin. Thick substance, lavender flowers late July on 60" scapes.

Remember Me

10" high 28" wide

Yellow to creamy white center is surrounded by a bluish green margin with lavender flowers in July on 15" scapes. This is a slow grower.


16" high 46" wide


Yellow to creamy white centered with a wide irregular dark green margin. Average substance with lavender flowers in July on 24" scapes.


23" high 50" wide

Dark green leaves with creamy white centers, the center of the leaves are speckled with light green in the spring, turning darker in the summer. Good substance with lavender flowers in July on 36" scapes.

Rhino Hide

16" high 32" wide


Extremely thick leaves that feel like plastic, much thicker than any other hosta. Leaves are intense blue, cupped and puckered. Substance of leaves remind you of a rhino's hide. Strong, stout leaf petioles with white flowers. Thick and unusual!

Ribbon Candy - O/S-

10" high 23" wide


Variegated leaves with no consistency in colour, chartreuse with creamy white streaks, but some leaves can be all white. Rare hosta, not yet available commercially.




Dark green leaves have a curl at the end of each leaf tip and intense mini ruffles running up the sides. Late season bloomer, it holds up well in autumn and maintains a beautiful vase-shaped clump.

Ripple Effect

12" high 15" wide

New for 2018


Long, narrow, wavy, gold leaves have great substance, in spring leaves have a very narrow blue-green margin that occasionally jets towards the center. Summer, foliage transitions to chartreuse with a green margin.


16" high 44" wide

Leaves are rounded and thick, strongly veined and heavily textured.Frosty blue-green with wavy edges and lavender flowers in August on 18-27" scapes that droop significantly.

Risky Business

20" high 42" wide


An all-white-centered with dark green margins, leaves are slightly wavy and contrast beautifully with the bright white center. Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer.

Road Rage


New for 2018

$60.00 Heavy green leaves that are wildly distorted with intense puckering, corrugation, folds, and ridges, it takes leaf texture to a new extreme.

Robin Hood

18" high 40" wide


Light green center and wide dark green margin streaking towards the centre of the corrugated leaves. Notable for its combination of light and dark green foliage colours and thick substance with near white flowers late June.

Rocket’s Red Glare

16" high 30" wide


The horizontal, upright leaves are glossy, green with stunning wavy edges; deep burgundy red petioles that go 1/3 of the way up the foliage Light purple bell-shaped flowers emerge on 24" scapes in mid-July

Rosedale Golden Goose

26" high 57" wide

Large, bright gold foliage with thick substance, pale lavender flowers on 32" scapes in July. OUTSTANDING SUN TOLERANCE !

Rosedale Misty Magic

20" high 36" wide


Limited Inventory

Green leaves, yellow and light green streaks with mottled areas. Pale lavender flowers on 42" variegated scapes.

Rossing's Pride

16" high 32" wide


Medium green centers with a darker green margin, intense colour foliage with lavender flowers in July.


27" high 52" wide


Limited Inventory

Blue green leaves with yellow streaks, slightly rippled, moderately corrugated and thick substance with pale lavender flowers in 33” scapes late June.

Roy Klehm

18" high 36" wide


Features an upright vase-shaped habit with leaves displayed horizontally. Yellow leaves are framed by a wide dark green margins and lavender flowers top the clump in midsummer.

Royal Flush

20" high 40" wide

Wide tapering leaves that arch on long petioles with an olive-green center pattern surrounded by a tremendously wide butterscotch yellow border.Pale lavender flowers on 36" scapes late July.

Royal Tiara

10" high 21" wide


Heavily twisted leaves with a pale green margin and narrow white centers. Lavender flowers in July on 12-24" scapes. The most unusual of all the "Tiaras" known for its very odd, gnarled, white-centered foliage.

Royal Wedding

12" tall 18" wide


Thick shiny yellow leaves with very wide creamy white to pure white margins. Large fragrant white flowers appear in mid to late summer measure almost 4 inches long and have a sweet scent that lingers in the air. Place it along a walkway or somewhere up close where its flower fragrance can be enjoyed.

Ruffed Up

19" high 38" wide


The colour will range from green in the shade to mottled gold and green, to yellow-gold in the sun with absolutely no burning. Good growth rate, excellent substance with massive flower scapes are dark purple.

Ruffle My Feathers -O/S

8" high by 18" wide


An edged form of Ruffled Feathers that really stands out. Makes a great border or edging plant. The wavy leaves complimented by the cream border make this plant hard to miss.

Ruffled Feathers- O/S

8" high by 18" wide


Nicely ruffled streaky leaves, each leaf has different streaking, leaf blade narrowly ovate shaped with good substance.
Ruffled Mouse Ears

6" high by 14" wide


Blue-green to dark green foliage with rippled and frilled edges at maturity, slow growth rate, thick substance with purple flowers on 10” scapes in July.