Hosta Names T - Z

T Rex

30" high 80 " wide

$20.00 This hosta has huge, medium green leaves that are rounded, heart-shaped and slightly wavy. Near white flowers late June on 40" scapes.


15" high 18" wide


Shiny dark green in the center with a margin that changes from yellow to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers in July on 18" scapes. Nice addition for any hosta collector.

Tattle Tails



Long, wavy leaves have a green center framed by a yellow border. The leaves tend to grow upward and then cascade down making a perfect little dense mound, topped with lavender flowers.

11" high 23" wide


Limited Inventory

Chartreuse margin, round gold centered leaves with a distinctive darker green "watermark" in the area between the margin and the center; pale lavender flowers in July on 16' scapes.


16" high by 30" wide

New for 2018

Green leaves with a yellow center divided by a white line. This is a more colourful sport of 'Striptease,' with a fast growth rate. lavender flowers appear in mid-summer.

Teachers Pride

18" high 36" wide


This sport of ‘Halcyon’ reportedly acts like ‘Guardian Angel’ foliage is constantly changing from bluish to greenish with highlights of white with lavender flowers mid-summer. Very interesting, different an entertaining!
Tequila Sunrise

16" high 36" wide


Foliage is bright gold in the spring changing to chartreuse by late summer with wavy, lance-shaped leaves and bright purple flowers in July on 24" scapes that droop.

The King

20" high 50" wide


Attractive variegation with leaves 10” long by 7” wide, bluish green in the center with a gold to creamy white margin. Slightly rippled, moderately corrugated with good substance. Lavender flowers on 30” scapes in July.

The Queen

16" high 30" wide

$20.00 Somewhat rippled gold leaves with irregular blue-green margins, the center lightens to creamy white. The moderately corrugated leaves measure 8" long by 6" wide, with lavender flowers mid-summer.

The Razors Edge

16" high 32" wide


The upright habit showcases bright red leaf stalks that lead up to long, ruffled, lance shaped, green leaves. As the season progresses the stalks deepen to a dark red with lavender flowers in July.

21" high 40" wide

Wide blue-green margined leaves with narrow centers that emerge golden yellow then become creamy white. Somewhat unruly with thick substance and near white flowers in June on 24-30" scapes.

Tickle Me Pink

8" high 24" wide


Leaves emerge bright yellow-chartreuse on red petioles with red tips and some red brushed across the shiny backs. Leaves become a golden colour, fuchsia pink buds emerge on dark scapes.
Tijuana Brass

16" high 40" wide

Distinctive Hosta noted for its incredibly unruly and twisted gold foliage that remains green in the sunken, shaded leaf areas. Pale lavender flowers late July on 32' scapes.

Tiny Bubbles

8” high 16” wide


Bright yellow arrowhead shaped leaves, what makes this Hosta unique it is the closed lavender orchid flowers that persist for weeks in mid-summer on perfectly proportioned yellow scapes.
Tiny Tears

6" high 21" wide

Tiny mound of medium green, heart shaped leaves with purple flowers late June on 13-21" scapes.This one makes a great trough plant.

30" high 70" wide

A very wide golden margin that changes from chartreuse to medium green during the growing season, surrounds the glossy green center. This should only be planted where space is not a problem, lavender flowers.


10" high 32" wide


Thick, leathery leaves that come to a sharp point and are covered top to bottom in a heavy layer of wax. The steel-blue color lasts well into late summer, as long as the plant is shaded during the hottest part of the day.

Topo Gigio

12" high 32" wide

Not Available

for 2018

Streaked leaves are 8 1/4" long by 4 3/8" wide, heavily streaked dark green and yellow foliage. .
Totally Awe Sum

18" high 30" wide


Limited Inventory

A very unusual sport of 'Sum and Substance’ each leaf of this hosta is a little different. With several shades of green, gold and white appear on the dramatically twisted, curled, folded, and corrugated leaves.

Totally Twisted

14" high 18" wide


Long, light, soft green leaves, white backed, red petioles and a twisted and wild growth habit! Some leaves twist at the edges, nicely showing off the white undersides, others turn up from the midpoint to show off the red legs.

Touch of Class

14" high 30" wide

Leaves are spear-shaped with a thin, yellow to creamy yellow center and a wide and intense, blue to blue-green margin with pale lavender flowers late July on 24" scapes.

Tropical Dancer

14" high 30" wide


A very wide, intensely ruffled, creamy-white border surrounding beautiful long, tapered, green leaves. This is a vigorous grower with lavender flowers midsummer.

Tsugaru Komachi

7" high 11" wide


Green, narrow and variably streaked leaves with purple flowers late July on 12-18" scapes. Great little breeder from Japan that produces great offspring.
Twist of Lime

6" high 10" wide


Lance-shaped, chartreuse to yellow leaves with a dark green margin and purple flowers late July on 18-24" scapes.

Unruly Child

12" high 26"wide

New for 2018

Ruffles, shiny, twisted tips, wavy and dark green are all traits that make up 'Unruly Child'. If you like this kind of thing, then this hosta is for you! Topped with 28" tall spikes of rather attractive lavender flowers in mid-August.



New for 2018

$25.00 Unique little hosta has leaves with lots of ruffles that appear to have points at their ends. The green leaves stick up from the clump like spines, urchin spines. The
scapes and seed pods are dark purple.

Valley's Lemon Squash

14" high 20 " wide


New for 2018

Emerges in the spring with vibrant, lemon-yellow leaves that are wrapped with incredible ruffles. The foliage is silky-smooth and somewhat twisted, with chalky-white undersides. Red petioles hold the leaves in a semi-upright, fountain-like mound.

Valleys Vanilla Sticks

10" high 12" wide


Heart shaped grey green leaves; good substance; both the petioles and the flower scapes have an abundance of purple spots; lavender flowers mid summer.
Vanilla Cream

11" high 26" wide

A compact, rounded mound of very bright gold foliage, heart shaped leaves, good substance and fast growing with lavender flowers late July on 16" scapes.

Vermont Frost

10" high 20" wide


Emerging in the spring, the heart-shaped leaves are white, but gradually accumulate blue-green misting through the summer. By the end of summer, the lightly puckered foliage can be nearly solid colored.


14" high 30" wide


Shiny, dark, thick green leaves have a narrow irregular yellowish lightning bolt center. Too much shade and the center will turn green. For optimal colour plant this one in the sun for an eye catching hosta!


32" high 48" wide

Hosta of the year 2015


Shiny green leaves of good substance with yellow margins that lighten to pale yellow. The foliage is somewhat upright early in the season, forming a broad spreading mound as the season progresses. Light lavender flowers.

Virgina Reel

8" high by 18" wide


Pointed, blue-green leaves are edged by a rich yellow margin that turns cream by midsummer. The heavy foliage forms a pinwheel-like mound with lavender flowers open in midsummer.



Streaked green and white foliage with reddish petioles and purple flowers that open in July on 30" scapes. Incredible combination of beautifully streaked foliage and red petioles.
Volcano Island



Thick yellowish-green leaves are puckered and cupped with a wide dark-green border that is somewhat irregular. The upright leaves show off the cherry red petioles extremely well with the colour reaching right up into the leaves.

22" high 36" wide


Bright white leaves are bordered by dark green margins creating a great contrast. Gold streaks occur along the interior margins where the white and green overlap. Leaves are thick, rounded with pale lavender flowers.

Waiting in Vein

18" high by 48" wide


Leaves are bright gold 15” long by 9” wide, deeply veined, slightly rippled and good substance. Pale bluish lavender flowers open on 36” scapes in July. Sun Tolerant!

Wall Street Classic-O/S


A small blue/green hosta with a nice creamy edge. Leaves are moderately folded and show a nice flurry of lavender flowers in early July.

War Paint

18" high 28" wide


Large pointed and pie crusted leaves emerge in the spring with a clear bright butter yellow center surrounded by a dark green margin. The yellow center holds for a few weeks and then begins to darken, pale violet flowers.


18" high 28" wide

$22.00 Wavy, ruffled leaves with heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue color well into the summer season. Lavender flowers appear on proportionate flower scapes in late summer.

Waukon Glass

28" high 34" wide

Large frosty blue leaves have a very wide cream coloured border that makes a stunning contrast. Leaves have a sheen that almost gives a “glassy” look, good substance with pale lavender flowers in July.

Waukon Thin Ice

18" high 22" wide


Thick blue leaves and a greenish-yellow border that becomes yellow later in the season. Upright clump is a vigorous grower with pale purple flowers late July.

Waukon Water

18" high 22" wide

Thick cupped blue leaves are a good dark colour, smooth texture, topped with lavender fertile flowers on branching scapes late summer.

Wave Runner

19" high 57" wide


Chartreuse centered leaves with a heavily rippled 1” wide yellow margin. Leaves are slightly corrugated with good substance, purple flowers in July on 30” scapes.
Waving Wuffles

20" high 42" wide


Irregularly rippled, shiny green leaves with dark purple flowers in July on scapes up to 48" high.


15" high 27" wide

Emerges in the spring as the most amazing curly, twisty bunch of hosta shoots you'll ever see. When it leafs out, it curls and twists which is maintained though out the season. Green centered creamy yellow margins which vary from year to year.

19" high 40" wide

Upright leaves, twisted and folded, dark green margins, creamy white centers with green veins in spring. Becoming greener during the growing season with lavender flowers late July on 30" scapes.

Whiskey Sour

18" high 44" wide

Shiny, elliptic, lightly corrugated and moderately wavy leaves are chartreuse to bright yellow with some light red spotting at the base of the petioles. Attractive pale lavender flowers in August on 30' scapes.

White Bikini

21" high 43" wide


Narrow creamy white centers have a touch of green speckling, boarded with a wide dark green margin and pale lavender flowers in July.

White Dove

6" high 17" wide


Narrow, arching green leaves with a clean white margin. Pure white flowers compliment the clump in late summer.

White Feathers

14" high 25" wide

Very unusual!

$ 20.00

Very unusual, the leaves of this hosta appear totally white, as the season progresses they develop green streaks gradually turning the whole leaf green with lavender flowers late summer.

White Wall Tire

12" high 30" wide


Emerges white in spring with green along the veins, gradually develops more and more green speckles as the season progresses with light lavender flowers late summer.

Wiggles and Squiggles

8" high 24" wide


New for 2018

A unique looking hosta that lives up to its fun name! Bright yellow leaves are very long and thin and notable for their incredibly wavy margins. It forms a low, wide habit that really highlights the "wiggly" edges. Leaves will be more chartreuse green in more shade: for best yellow color, plant in a site with morning sun.


30" high 60" wide

New for 2018

$35.00 Sport from H. ’Sum and Substance,’the leaf on ’Windfall’ is not shiny and has a beautiful dark green border of variable width against a bright yellow leaf when it emerges. Later the leaf turns to light green and the border fades some but is still quite visible.

Winter Frost

18" high 36" wide


Deeply veined leaves are frilly, frosty blue, heavily rippled around the edge, and end in a sharp, twisted tip. An excellent grower with good leaf substance blooms in late summer with fertile lavender flowers.

Winter Lightning

18" high 42" wide


Limited Inventory

Green leaves have a very prominent white netting in the center, variegation varies considerably from leaf to leaf. Leaves fade from dark green to greenish-gold during the season which adds more interest.

Winter Snow

33" high 80" wide

New for 2018

Foliage is chartreuse to gold centered with creamy yellow to white margins. Leaves are huge at 12 " wide by 16 " long. Pale lavender flowers on 44" scapes in late summer. Another great sport of Sum and Substance

Winter Warrior

19" high 39" wide


Dark green center leaves with a 1" wide creamy yellow to white margin. This wide creamy margin does not melt out during the growing season. Near white flowers with striped lavender intervening on 24" scapes.
Wishing Well

28" high 40"


Rich texture, intense colour!Deeply corrugated even from a young plant, slightly twisted and wavy. Foliage is nicely cupped, particularly in heavier shade, and keeps both its texture and its blue-green tones in partial sun.


30" high 61" high


Limited Inventory

Green leaves with yellow blotches and streaks in the spring, turning green by midsummer. leaves are slightly rippled, deeply veined and slightly corrugated. Pale lavender flowers late June on 44” scapes. This is a HVZ free plant, tested yearly since 2009.


18" high 34" wide


Leaves are blue-green turning a shiny dark late summer with gold to creamy yellow margins. Smooth texture and wavy with pale purple flowers in August on 19" scapes.


3" high 10" wide


This seedling from 'Little Wonder' has elongated leaves that resemble little yellow tear drops, a great grower that offers a different leaf shape for the mini garden. Blooms lavender-striped flowers.

Woodland Elf

5" high 16" wide


Leaves are medium green in the center with a white margin, ovate- shaped, slightly wavy and cupped. Forms a dense mound in no time with lavender flowers late June. This strong grower belongs in every mini hosta collection!
Woolly Mammoth

28" high 60" wide


Outstanding wide gold margins nicely contrast the blue-green centers with thick substance. Near white flowers late June on 30-36" scapes.

World Cup

24" high 48" wide

New for 2018


Hosta of the year 2018

The leaves are deeply cupped, heavily-corrugated, slightly wavy, and oval in their appearance. Leaves form a large, upright mound of bright gold foliage. It blooms pale purple flowers on 36" scapes in early summer that contrast beautifully with its bright golden leaves.

Wrinkle in Time

9" tall by 15" wide

$20.00 Dark green leaves with showy, creamy yellow margins that have a single prominent wave that begins one third of the way from the leaf base. Margins mature to creamy white in the summer with lavender flowers.

Wylde Green Cream

12" high 30" wide


Round gold leaves that are surrounded by a wide dark green margin with lavender flowers in July on 18" scapes.

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

8" high 15" wide


The beautiful spring show ! Medium green leaves with a bright yellow margins, which gradually turn to an apple green with white lines dividing the center and margin. Slightly twisted and cupped; lavender flowers in July.

Yellow Splash

18" high 43" wide


Limited Inventory

Heavily streaked leaf centers are streaked medium green, yellow and creamy white with a creamy yellow margin. Slightly wavy and smooth textured, bright purple flowers with white petal margins late July on 30" scapes.
Yesterdays Memories

22" high 48" wide

Oval, deeply veined leaves of gold with a dark green margin. Good growth rate, great substance and lavender flowers in midsummer.

9" high 30" wide

Thick shiny green leaves; one of the first Hosta's to emerge in the spring. Moderately wavy with deep lavender flowers late summer with short stalks of spidery blooms. A collectible for the Hosta connoisseur.



Leaves are streaked green and gold to creamy white. Unique in that it keeps its streaks season after season. This hosta is stunning to have in your garden and is also outstanding for hybridizing! Rare hosta !

Zebra Stripes
- O/S

12" high 21" wide


Leaves emerge white in the spring with frosty green veins, eventually turning all green during the growing season with lavender flowers late June.